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renters insurance

Renters insurance protects you against damage or loss of your personal property when you rent a house, apartment or condo. Your landlord’s insurance protects the physical building, but your personal possessions are your responsibility. Can you afford to replace everything you have in your home right now?

Additionally, a Renters insurance policy includes liability coverage, which provides protection against common personal liability claims such as slip-and-fall injuries, medical payments to others and property damage to others that would otherwise come out of your pocket.

Fire, theft, vandalism and more.

You may not own the place where you live, but you still need to protect your belongings against loss. You could also be financially responsible for damage to other people’s property surrounding you.  You can quickly obtain a quote that matches your needs. And if you already have a policy in effect, you can still request a comparative quote. No cost. No obligation.

Get Protection and peace of mind.

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